A tool is NOT a strategy, an app is NOT a methodology

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Too often, when it comes to “life hacking” or the pursuit of higher productivity, we get wrapped up in the next cool tool, the next app, this technique, that concept, hoping that these will give us the productivity we seek. Ever-more evident from this search and this obsession, we end up introducing substantial resistance with so many options, so many decisions, and so much more information. The trush is, the tool or app will do NOTHING to give you more productivity. If that is what we want (and I assume it is), that is more a matter of self-mastery and life principles. Beyond that, the tools and apps can be added in to simply accelerate and enhance our experience of living such principles.

I personally find it interesting to discover a new tool or technique but this alone has NEVER increased my productivity. In fact, I usually don’t implement or begin using anything until I decide on the principles I am going to follow. Once I make some strategic decisions, then I go back and look at all the tools I’m aware of and decide what to use. Take a look at this little interview with GTD founder David Allen.  He shares this concept and discusses how that is the purpose behind “Getting Things Done”.  It is about understanding how and what you want to sort through, how to handle it, and how to make meaning of it all. Once you have some of this down, then the tools become 100 times more useful.

Akomplish was developed to be flexible enough to adapt to the methodology YOU choose.  There is no specific methodology built in but many options and ways to operate within.  Decide how you want to manage yourself and how you will make decisions, then let Akomplish offer a way to fulfill and help you with it.

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