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Outlook is a long standing product to help you manage your email load with  calendars and contacts in the mix… It is too easy, however, to flag a million emails and lose track of what you need to get done, especially if you work in a group.  You may also have trouble syncing your calendars, emails, and phone effectively. Projects are chaotic and everything collides within outlook.

And the kicker is the lack of decent web-based functionality (if any at all).

Well… Akomplish and Outlook actually can make a great team! With a few slick tools developed by Google and a few easy functions of Akomplish, you can get the relevant information into Akomplish, organize yourself across all your groups with ease!

This post comes as many Akomplish users have discovered how to make life easier to keep organized without having to give up the tools they are used to. These users have made many of the following suggestions. From Outlook you can easily forward any emails requiring action or notes to remember or attachments to be followed up on or anything else directly to Akomplish.  From there, you can organize your actions into your projects, groups and more from any web browser on any computer.  You will be able to see and organize everything against your various spheres such as work, personal, and special interests with ease and nothing will slip through the cracks any longer.  All of your calendars and contacts can be managed in greater detail and more integrated into your actions than you’re able to do with Outlook alone, again from any browser.

In order to do this, you need to setup a few simple integrations, set them on autopilot and you are off.

Lets go down the list of key areas…


Whenever you have an email requiring additional action or that you want to keep as a note on a specific project, you can forward it directly to your private Akomplish email address and it will be dropped into your account.  This email address is found on the first page of your settings (found in upper right hand corner).  You can use this from any email client you use, whether it is Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. An additional suggestion… if you regularly receive emails from certain individuals that should always be sent to Akomplish, simply setup a rule to have them auto-forwarded to Akomplish.  You will still see them in Outlook (or whatever email you use) but will already have it waiting to be filed in Akomplish…  Once in Akomplish, everything will be waiting in your Akomplish inbox where you can easily drag-n-drop where you need things to go.  Its intuitive and simple.


Many of you who use Outlook calendars may already have syncing setup in order to operate on your phone but here it is. Since Akomplish fully leverages the Google Calendar ecosystem, this is a key function of Google. They have created a sync tool that will actually keep your Outlook Calendars connected and sync’ing directly with Google Calendars.  Its clean and simple.  You can add events to either calendar and they are sync’d as desired (supports both one-way and two-way syncing). Check it out here.


If your Outlook contact list is essential and adding them manually to Akomplish seems daunting, again we can leverage Google here.  Since Akomplish fully supports importing contacts and contact groups from Google, we can leverage Google as a go-between.  In this case, you have a few options.  First, Google has a migration tool that will get all your contacts into Google (and hence Akomplish) but it does not support full, two-way syncing unless you are on a Google Apps Business account (starts at $5/mo.).  If syncing is required (you still want to manage contacts from within Outlook AS WELL AS Akomplish or Google), you can leverage some other simple 3rd party tools.

Go Contact Sync – allows you to sync either Outlook 2007 or 2010 with Google and then Akomplish can access the information easily.

Contact Sync – similar to above… read the posts to determine which you prefer…

Akomplish provides a much stronger option for managing your contacts, actions and projects, and coordinating your schedule all from a clean, easy-to-use web interface. It only adds to Outlook’s email use and desktop convenience so try out Akomplish and simplify your life.



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