Its the News!!! – a weekly segment to discuss a topic or two that is relevant to business owners and entrepreneurs. This week, we discuss the decline of productivity nationwide (and even internationally), growth vs. profitability, unlimited vacations and more!

Show Notes:

  • The Decline of Productivity – stagnation – here & here.
  • Uber results – good business but losing money? – here.
    • Why does that make sense? I’ll tell you why you little ingrate!
  • Join the Back Channel! Patrons of Akomplish Radio – check it out here.
  • Snap can track ads to physical locations? that’ll be slick – here.
  • Unlimited Vacations!! here.
  • Declining costs of distance (remote work, etc.) – here (paywall).
  • Take a look at BAM – The Business Accelerator Membership – Check it out here.

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