Welcome to the first episode of Akomplish Radio!! I am excited to be back on the air. In this inaugural episode, we discuss your business core Рthe mission and principles that matter for you in your business. We explore why it is important, how you can use it and tips to get clear and get focused on this core.  Focusing on your core is always the starting point!

Show Notes:

  • Get clear on your core! What are your core values, your mission, your purpose
  • How do you (and your business) want to be perceived?
  • Don’t undervalue what you offer!
  • Build your Core Profile (download the worksheet and checklist below)
  • Join the Back Channel! Patrons of Akomplish Radio – check it out here.
  • Get clear on the your value proproposition – who it serves and why they need it
  • Where is your customer? Your tribe, crowd, your people?
  • Now use your Profile as a filter for opportunity!
  • Use it to say NO (Don’t get spread thin)
  • Use it to say YES (take certain risks!)
  • Take a look at BAM – The Business Accelerator Membership – Check it out here.

Get The Core Review Worksheet

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