June 16

A few Finds for Friday! eCar, Amazon buys Whole Foods, more

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Its a few find for Friday!! or #FFFF as we are calling it (I just made that up, we’ll see if it sticks).

  • Amazon buying Whole Foods – This is fascinating and I’m excited to see where this goes. Amazon has been experimenting with interesting brick-n-mortar & grocery projects for a little while. Amazon Go is interesting with no lines, no checkout, nothing – just walk in, grab your goods, and walk out. Thanks to your phone and some other cool tracking tech, purchases are made automatically when you leave.  Amazon Fresh has been doing rapid delivery in Metro areas but hasn’t expanded much past that.  Check out what Quartz has to say about it all too.
  • Qualcomm demonstrates driving while charging    – The electric car space is a fun one to watch (particularly autonomous electric) and this is kind of tech will get you up in the morning. I’m sure it is way, way, WAY off from any form of production but one can hope…
  • Book recommendation: Barking Up The Wrong Tree – This is a fantastic read – entertaining and enlightening. Barker’s approach to revealing the duality of perspectives regarding commonly held beliefs around achievement is awesome. He does so almost entirely through the storied lives of experts, CEOs, success stories, scientists, historical figures and more that he has interviewed over the years for his blog. A read that gets you thinking about your own path to achievement while staying entertaining all along the way.
  • Wunderlist getting shut down, explore a few alternatives – If you know much about Akomplish, you will know that we once had an to-do app. To this day, a few key functions that I loved do not exist anywhere and it drives me nuts. Neither here nor there for this article but I know a lot of people who use Wunderlist and with it getting shutdown, you’ll be shopping for something new. This article throws a few options out. Note that there are literally hundreds of alternatives, if not more. One of the biggest challenges in that space is the subjective and personal nature of to-do tracking and productivity preferences.
  • Want people to like you? Ask more questions – At least that’s according to some smart people who did some studies and stuff.

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Strategy Consultant & Productivity junkie - Focus: Systems & Processes, Product/Service Design. Founder of Akomplish.com. Its ironic how much time I waste learning about productivity ;P

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